Prayer for July 31, 2020

Prayer for July 31, 2020: Please pray with me.  O God of the universe, you are in charge.  You set things in motion and create everything.  You give function and purpose to all things – living and otherwise.  You create time, and are not subject to it.  Why do we think we can control time?  We think we can bend the rules.  We think they don’t apply to us.  Why?  How silly of us to think we can control what is not ours.  How humorous for us to actually believe that we are in control of so much.  Yet, a storm comes and we quickly realize that we are not in control – not even close.  A pandemic hits – no matter how many ways we try to fool ourselves, we fail – we are not in control.  Crisis comes – we are prone to acting and responding.  Yet, how often do we make matters worse, rather than better?  Forgive for our belief that we are in control.  We aren’t.  We are stubborn though.  It takes us a long time to learn.  You keep poking us.  Too often we push you away, thinking we know better than you.  Forgive us Lord.  Set us on the right path.  Help us to let go of the idea of being in control.  Clear our eyes to see that our path is not about control, but accompaniment – to walk with one another.  Not to control people, but to empower others.  Open us to receive your grace and mercy, your forgiveness and love, so that we can be instruments of your will for the world.  Amen.

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