Prayer for July 7, 2020

Prayer for July 7, 2020: Please pray with me.  God who breaks into the world, you offer a vision of what can be.  Yet, for some strange reason we too often reject it.  We claim that it’s not real or a dream.  We claim that “real” life doesn’t work that way.  And yet we don’t seem to find any conflict with claiming to be your followers.  How strange.  This logic makes as much sense as our holding onto the world as it currently is.  Why do we hold onto brokenness as if it is all we should ever expect?  Why do we set the bar so low when it come to you God?  Why do we do this and yet give you labels of magnificence?  Open our hearts Lord to your ways.  Stomp our our stubbornness to holding onto low expectations.  Open our eyes to seeing your vision.  And turn us to be embraced by you.  Amen.

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