Prayer for July 7, 2021

Prayer for July 7, 2021: Please pray with me. God of wonder, you created us in your image and likeness. That comes with a responsibility to see you in others too. Because when we look at others, we are looking at the image and likeness of you. Clear our eyes to see you in others – especially those we consider our enemies. Clear our minds to know that there really are no enemies because we are looking at you. Clear our eyes to see you when we look at people from different cultures, races, genders, etc. We are looking at you. Thank you for showing up in so many ways. Amen.

(Beginning tomorrow, I’m going to start adding in a call to action with the prayer. This is an opportunity to take the prayer you just prayed and start to live into it with some kind of action. Don’t be limited by what I write, but rather take it as a suggestion of how to live into the prayer that we pray together.).

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