Prayer for July 8, 2020

Prayer for July 8, 2020: Please pray with me.  God of faith, you empower us with the faith you give us.  Yet, I wonder if we fully grasp this.  Do we expect that faith is limited and has limitations?  Do we buy into the notion that society sells us – that you have boundaries?  That faith can’t go into certain areas of life?  Why do we claim that you are all powerful, yet believe that you don’t have a say in our politics, our money, our business, our relationships, our health, how we use the planet, how we treat foreigners and enemies, how we treat the poor and the sick and the outcast.  That doesn’t leave much room for you for anything really, does it?  Nope, and if we are honest, we prefer it that way.  That way we get to be in charge.  We get to be in control.  And you get to be just some ambiguous idea that is impersonal and really doesn’t care about us or creation.  But that’s a lie I’m not buying into.  Give us the courage to believe in the real you – the God who cares.  The God who smashes human boundaries.  The God who encounters us and transforms us.  The God who reminds us of who is the Creator and who is the created.  The God who calls on us to care just as much. The God who favors the poor and outcast.  The God who has a say about our politics, our money, and everything else because none of it is ours anyway.  That’s a God who I want. A God who cares enough to go to death and beyond.  Amen.

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