Prayer for July 8, 2021

Prayer for July 8, 2021: Please pray with me. God of justice, we call to you. There are many who suffer injustice in our world in far too many ways. And too often we are blind to these things. We make excuses for them. We refuse to see the systemic nature and only think that everything is individual. But it’s not. You are a God of justice and righteousness. You establish right relationships and make the broken whole. And you call on us to participate in that healing. Use us today to bring out wholeness in the lives of those around us and in the communities that we are connected too. Amen.

Call to Action: As you go through the day, pay attention. Be intentional about noticing people – especially people who are different from yourself in some way. What do you notice about them? In what way do you see their brokenness? How is God revealing their brokenness to you? In what ways are you also broken?

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