Prayer for July 9, 2021

Prayer for July 8, 2021: Please pray with me. God of doubt, we have this idea that you demand compliance and certainty. Yet, all through Scripture there are plenty of doubts, abstractions, and questions. We can never really get all the beliefs right. That would mean we would be able to control you. And that’s a sin. That’s what faith is about. Faith isn’t the exclusion of doubt – faith and doubt work together since faith is something that can’t be proven. Certainty is opposed to faith because it makes no room for mystery. It makes no room for you being beyond our understanding. Certainty puts you in a box and puts us in control. Free us from this addiction. Free us from its destructiveness. Free us from desiring to control. This desire comes from a lack of control in our own lives. Where did we think that we were ever in control anyway – we aren’t. Amen.

Call to Action: Self-examination – how do we try to control others and our surroundings? Why do we do it? What benefit does it offer us? And are we ever really satisfied with the control that we have, or is something always lacking so that we need more? Today, do some self-examination and intentionally let go of being in control over one thing. But be careful with this. While you are intentionally letting go of being in control, realize that you never had control and that you never really reliquished it either – you let go of the idea that you were in control over something else – that’s all.

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