Prayer for June 2, 2020

Prayer for June 2, 2020: Please pray with me.  God of all things, your ways are certainly not our ways.  Too often we limit our imagination.  We compartmentalize.  We think small.  How exactly is that living into being made in the likeness of you?  Why do we think so small of ourselves and you?  Open us to your expansiveness and your imagination.  Open us to see the possibilities and opportunities that you envision.  Open us to catching just a glimpse of the world as you imagine it to be.  Wow!  Incredible.  Maybe you have been doing that all along though.  Maybe we just don’t want to see it.  Maybe we’d rather stick with our limited vision.  Because if we had to let go of that, then we might grasp how serious you are about how much you love creation.  And boy, would we be overwhelmed at your goodness.  No, we’d rather limit you and make you small and controllable.  That way we don’t have to change.  Forgive us Lord.  We certain have no idea what we are doing.  Empower your children to open their eyes, their hearts, and their minds to your ways and your vision.  And give us the courage to move forward into it – dragging those who resist along the way.  There are always those who will resist.  Which is why you never call for consensus.  You just call.  Amen.

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