Prayer for June 3, 2020

Prayer for June 3, 2020: Please pray with me.  God of the Word, you come to us through words.  You come in lots of ways.  But why words Lord?  What it is about words that you determined would touch us, would connect us with you?  Why words?  Maybe it’s because words give us boundaries – something we can get our arms around.  You are an incarnate God, so being able to get our arms around you makes sense.  Maybe it’s because words convey images and ideas.  You are a visioning God who lays out for us what your Kingdom is like.  Maybe it’s something else or a combination of so many things.  Regardless, thank you for giving us words that we can use to express our love of you.  Empower us to use words to participate in the unfolding of your Kingdom.  Amen.

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