Prayer for June 8, 2022

Prayer for June 8, 2022: Please pray with me. God of grace, we have a lot of trouble with this aspect of who you are. We are so trained in the ways of the world that we believe we need to earn everything – including your love. We shudder at the idea of you giving us something unearned. We struggle with it. We push back on it. We twist it. We insist that we need to do something. Part of that is because every other relationship we have is based on getting something we earned. Or so we think. It’s almost like we want to be in a position where you owe us something. Why though? Do we think we have something over you and that we can then demand something from you? How ridiculous. Grace is unearned. It is a gift. Help us to just say thank you and to use the gift to share it with others. Help us to teach others how to receive what they cannot earn. Help us to live into grace. Amen.

Call to Action: When you receive a compliment, just say thank you. Do not spin it away. Do not dismiss it. Do not excuse it. Just say thank you. That’s it.

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