Prayer for June 9, 2020

Prayer for June 9, 2020: Please pray with me.  God of all, boy do we need help.  We make ridiculous divisions among human beings – we literally make them up.  At least we are creative huh?  But seriously Lord, what is it about human beings that our desire to separate people?  What is it that we refuse to see a fuller sense of your creativity in creation?  What is it that we love about being in control and controlling others that is actually helpful?  Why can’t we see that we are intimately connected?  Why can’t we get it through out thick skulls that our salvation is tied up in one another?  Soften our hearts.  Clear our vision.  Loosen our fists.  And if need me, smack us some sense into us.  We are a stubborn people – really, really stubborn.  Empower us to abandon our stubbornness so that we can appreciate your embrace.  Amen.

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