Prayer for March 18, 2022

Prayer for March 18, 2022: Please pray with me. God of calling, you call us each to unique things. You call us to discipleship. Try as we might, that is our call. So many push back on this, spin it, find excuses away from it, but there it is. Waiting for us. Waiting to embrace us with love. The call of discipleship isn’t easy. But living without it is empty. Why do we push you away from us Lord? What do we fear? Not being in control of our own lives? Like we ever really had control to begin with! Who knows. Instead of discipleship, we think we’ll find salvation in other things – human made things that will die off. Things like patriotism and country, being a Democrat or Republican, wealth and money, sex, work, happiness, health, intellect, and so much more. Oops, I said the quiet part out loud. Your calling is a beautiful thing. A gift. Open us to receive this gift, open it, and live into it. Let it change and transform us. Amen.

Call to Action: where do you put your faith and salvation? No really, where do you really put your faith and salvation? In the list of things from above? Or God? What needs to change?

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