Prayer for March 22, 2021

Prayer for March 22, 2021: Please pray with me. God who calls us to days that are surely coming, oh how good that is. You tell us over and over again through Scripture that the days are surely coming when you will do something. Yet, why do we doubt this when you have proven over and over again that the days surely come and fulfill your promises. Why do set up committees for the restoration of Egypt when you beckon us into the fulfillment of your kingdom? Why do we yearn for false memories of how things were when they never really were as good as we want to believe or remember? Why wouldn’t we want to leave that behind and go running into your embrace? We can be stubborn, but that is not new. Humanity has been stubborn for a long time. Soften our hearts, unclog our ears, clear our eyes so that we may go forward towards the days that are surely coming. Amen.

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