Prayer for March 29, 2021

Prayer for March 29, 2021: Please pray with me. Holy God, we walk with you this Holy Week. We journey with you during this time. We watch. We wait. We observe. Free us from the delusion that we are any different from the crowds who shouted Hosanna and then a few days later demanded that there be blood through a crucifixion. We are no different than the crowds who chose Barabbas and his ways, rather than Jesus and his. We continue to choose Barabbas and his ways of violence. We are addicted to redemptive violence. Yet, you have a different way. A way we resist trying. Thankfully this is not on our shoulders. You know we would break and give in to the ways of violence. Humanity has been doing that for far too long. We are grateful that you have taken care of this for us. Amen.

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