Prayer for March 29, 2022

Prayer for March 29, 2022: Please pray with me. God who made us in your image, I wonder what you think about partisanship – what you really think? In many ways our current version of partisanship has replaced religious belief. Many people so closely identity with their political party that their relationship with you is secondary at best. They can’t imagine changing their party registration, but they have no problem changing you to make with their ideological beliefs. Humans are really good at spinning this, claiming you as on our side. We like to use you for our own purposes, don’t we? And for what? Scoring political points? Getting someone elected? Passing some policy or law? Wow. Do we even have any concept of who you are at all? Or maybe we just don’t care – we’re too busy trying to pretend to be you (albeit a false version of you). Release people from the bondage of their partisanship. Open their eyes and soften their hearts to see that winning is what you care about. It’s loving. Release people from the idolatry of being right so that they can service their neighbors, love their enemies, and live in the way of peace, seeking shalom. Amen.

Call to Action: Which would be easier for you – to change political party affiliation, or religious affiliation? Why?

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