Prayer for March 3, 2021

Prayer for March 3, 2021: Please pray with me. God of salvation, you are the way of salvation. Not just for some distant time in the far off future, but also now. You are a God of salvation. You saved your people from bondage in Egypt. You saved your people by feeding the multitudes. You saved your people from idols and false gods with messages that lead to destruction. You are a God who saves. The alternative messages that are presented claim to be saving messages, but really aren’t. They mislead and are empty. These messages don’t come from traditional religious organizations or religions. They come in our every day lives. They tell us messages that sound good, but are very destructive – things like the ends justify the means, and that might makes right, and that only the strong survive. They messages are utter failures that have never saved anyone ever. So why do so many listen to them? It makes no sense that such discredited ideas would continue to be proclaimed. They just suck people in, drain them of anything worthwhile, and then stomp people mercilessly. They are not of you. Turn us away from these false messages of salvation. Turn us to you and your way, your message. It is life giving. It is merciful. It is kind. You are loving. And that is what your message is – the embodiment of who you are. And you offer it to us – you offer us your very self. Thank you. Amen.

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