Prayer for March 4, 2021

Prayer for March 4, 2021: Please pray with me. God who brings about justice, what do we pray? I don’t know most of the time. I just know that prayers are needed. There are unjust systems that so many people cling to, believing they benefit from them when they don’t really. It’s just a facade. No one benefits from unjust systems really. But why do cling to them? Is it because we know them and are familiar with them and so we prefer the known evil to the unknown justice? Is it because we are so used to unjust systems and think they are normal? Is it because we have fooled ourselves into believing that we aren’t affected by them? Does it matter? We can’t change these things on our own. And yet, so many seem to prefer to just keep things the way they are. Where is the hope for a better future? In you. Nothing else can offer us this hope. Likewise, anything means that it is all on our shoulders. You are our hope for a brighter future, a better today, and seeing the past with clear eyes. You are our hope for softened hearts and humble spirits, and aligning our will with you. Let us not be dismayed by willful stubbornness. We can’t change others. So let us be changed and live into your kingdom, regardless of what anyone else will do. Amen.

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