Prayer for March 8, 2021

Prayer for March 8, 2021: Please pray with me. God who turns the tables, there are plenty of tables to overturn. Too often we would rather sit at these tables, even run the tables, rather than have you show up and overturn them. We think we can control the tables, work with the systems that run them and keep them going. But we can’t. We’re just fooling ourselves. The house always wins, it’s designed that way. Stir us to get up and away from unjust and abusive tables that exploit and hurt people. Over turn these tables in our society, in our worshipping communities, in our work, and in our life. Over turn tables of racism and white supremacy. Overturn tables of toxic nationalism. Overturn tables of misogyny. Overturn tables of sexism and sexual phobias and biases. Overturn tables of greed and exploitation. Overturn tables of scapegoating and blaming and dehumanizing others. Overturn tables fear and hatred. Overturn tables of systems that maintain poverty and homelessness. Overturn tables of narcissism and stubborn willfulness and hardened hearts. Overturn tables that keep us from your kingdom. And instead turn us towards you. Amen.

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