Prayer for March 8, 2022

Prayer for March 8, 2022: Please pray with me. God who gets political – Oh my, God gets political??!? How dare we say that! We like to think that God and faith stay out of the swamp of politics. But that’s just not the case. And politics isn’t dirty by nature. Politics is a way for people to come together in a process and make decisions. It doesn’t have to be dirty. God, as the Trinity, is political in nature. God has spoken through prophets to kings and rulers for centuries – about a host of issues, some very political in nature. Many of those rulers and kings kill the prophets because they don’t like God’s politics. For Christians to say that God isn’t political is to ignore the birth narrative of Jesus and his crucifixion. In both cases, Jesus is called king – a political title. Let’s be honest – we don’t mind if God gets political, as long as it’s our own version and beliefs about politics. As long as God appears to be a member of our partisan political party. As long as God stays quiet about those topics and issues that we think we know better about. As long as God aligns with us. That’s why we don’t like to think of God as political – because when we do acknowledge this, then we are acknowledging that we aren’t in charge. God is. And we have an obligation to align with God’s politics. Amen.

Call to Action: Do your politics align with God’s? Or are there *’s allowing for you to disagree with what God’s stands are. Do we have excuses for why God’s ways don’t have to be followed? Why?

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