Prayer for May 10, 2021

Prayer for May 10, 2021: Please pray with me. God of wonder, open us to encounter you. You already encounter us daily, but too often our vision is blurred from seeing you. We are looking for you in all the awe and wonder – and you are there of course. But in an age in which it seems as there there is a tsunami of bad news, we think you are absent. Open our eyes to seeing that in these moments that you are there. It is in the the dreariest parts of the day that you are most present. For Christians, we say that it is in the cross that you are most visible, yet hidden at the same time. Give us eyes and hearts to perceive you in the most difficult times. And having cleared our eyes and hearts to see you, then turn us to seeing you and showing you in others who are struggling as well. Amen.

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