Prayer for May 14, 2020

Prayer for May 14, 2020: Please pray with me.  God of love, you are love.  Not the mushy gushy kind of love that we prefer.  Rather, you are the love that endures, that bears all things.  You are a love that exists through a force of will.  You are patient.  You are kind.  Fill us with this love.  Open our eyes to see that you have always filled us with your love – a love that makes no rational sense.  A love that does not focus on what we deserve, but rather a love that is given in spite of what we deserve.  A love we do not deserve.  Yet you give it anyway.  You give yourself over and over.  You are a love that is vulnerable Lord.  A love that is willing to get messy and be rejected.  And a tenacious love that doesn’t quit on us, even when we push you away and reject you.  Wow.  Amen.

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