Prayer for May 19, 2022

Prayer for May 19, 2022: Please pray with me. God of the multitudes. God of every race, peoples, tribes, nations, and languages. God of all creation. These are the things we claim about you. I wonder if we actually believe it though. How can we match up those titles with those who claim to follow you and their beliefs about race and so-called replacement theory? But before I start pointing fingers and scapegoating those other people, help me turn inward and see what cancer of racism needs to be purged from me still. We wish this was easier. It is not. Yet, even that wish seems laughable when we consider that people of color who suffer racism don’t get to choose how easy this will be. Cleanse us. Radically reorient us. Help us to seek your shalom and live your way of peace. Strengthen our sight to see the image of God in all others. Amen.

Call to Action: Do you know what you don’t know? Spend time with that question. See what comes of it.

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