Prayer for May 2, 2022

Prayer for May 2, 2022: Please pray with me. God of the universe, we humans set up empires and think that they take primacy in life. What a pathetic joke. Empires come and empires go. They rise and they fall. Of course they do. They are only temporary. Thank God for that because all empires are the same – they are founded in violence, division, fear, and death. Are we so privileged that we think we actually benefit from the empires we create? Really? Don’t we know that everyone is expendable to an empire? Doesn’t matter what that empire is – whether it’s a government, money, racism, a business, a culture, or anything else. Why do we try to replace your Kingdom and all it represents with a cheap imitation that can never measure up? Let your kingdom come Lord. And let all empires fall. Amen.

Call to action: what are the empires in your life? Name them. They are the things that claim primacy in your life. The things that we think God doesn’t have a say in. Then ask yourself this – why do we think we block God from having a say over this empire? Then pray to be set free from that empire.

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