Prayer for May 26, 2022

Prayer for May 26, 2022: Please pray with me. What exactly do we say Lord? We are at a loss for words. “Thoughts and prayers?” That almost seems blasphemous though. As if we are waiting for you to do something because we aren’t willing. Almost like we are blaming for for the continued violence in our land when we go around saying that you bless us. What do we say? I don’t know. I pray that enough people are rocked from their comfort enough to do something that will prevent yet another shooting. Make us really uncomfortable – a discomfort that we can’t hide from. A discomfort that gets worse the longer we avoid doing something. I don’t know what else to say or do. Amen.

Call to action: If you are ok in the midst of what is going on, ask yourself why? Then again, if you are ok with what is going on, I doubt you are reading my prayers. For the rest of you, reach out to someone and check on them. Not to ask them how they are or if they are ok. Just to check on them and let them know that they are not alone and that you aren’t going to give up.

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