Prayer for May 3, 2022

Prayer for May 3, 2022: Please pray with me. Holy God, we have this silly idea that our economic systems are divinely inspired. Why else would we defend them so much? Our economic systems end up becoming more important than the people who participate in them. Occasionally we get honesty about this with leaders demanding that people sacrifice for the economy. But usually we keep that part quiet. Which serves which in a healthy society? Is it people serving the economy, or an economy serving people? Your economics and economic system look very different than any human made economic system. What you value is far different. And that’s scary for people. It’s scary to have people be set free from the bondage of debt. It’s scary to have people set free from consumerism. It’s scary to have people set free from what is owed and what is earned. It’s scary because then we lose the sense of control. And what we value so much more than anything else is control. Set us free from this addiction. Amen.

Call to action: How can you set someone free from a debt that they owe – even if it a verbal debt?


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