Prayer for May 8, 2020

Prayer for May 8, 2020: Please pray with me.  God of wisdom, what shall I pray?  We ask for wisdom, yet when you provide it, too often we ignore it.  Why?  Is it because we think we are smarter than you?  That we believe that we are right?  That we somehow have more insight than you?  Or maybe it’s because your ways are not our ways and your thoughts are not our thoughts.  And so because of our own narcissism we push your wisdom aside because you don’t match up with us.  That is the very definition of pride.  And oh how costly that pride is.  How many have to pay the price for our pride?  Why is our pride so important to us?  It’s not the actual thing that defines us.  But we act as though it is.  Let your wisdom flow on us and through us.  Make us see it and hear it.  And let us be changed by it.  Not so that we change everyone else – we can’t control that.  But that it changes us.  So that we see who you call us to be right here, right now.  So we can live into your calling.  So we have the courage to follow your path.  To listen.  Amen.

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