Prayer for November 10, 2021

Prayer for November 10, 2021: Please pray with me. Holy God, you come to us in a variety of ways. Often in silence. I wonder how many times we miss hearing you because we are too busy being angry and outraged. I wonder why we look for opportunities to be angry and outraged, rather than look for how you encounter us. Is it because we feel more alive with anger and outrage than we do with you? That’s sad. Does anger give us some kind of sense of control – that the world is out of sorts and should rearrange to match what we want? Who knows. Help us to deal with our anger and outrage. Help us to remove the things that feed our addiction to anger and outrage. Help us to turn away from these things so that we can hear you, follow you, and be followers of your way. Amen.

Call to Action: When you become angry or outraged over something, don’t react. Just sit with it. And ask yourself why you are angry and outraged? Go through all the “reasons” you can think of to justify yourself. Is your anger really worth it? Will your anger better anyone’s life? Will it improve society in any measurable way? Is there a more constructive path you can take? Go and do that.

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