Prayer for November 5, 2021

Prayer for November 5, 2021: Please pray with me. God who redeems, we seek you now. There are many systems in place that make no sense. There are systems that abuse people and exploit. There are systems that cause violence and destruction. There are systems that are unhealthy to their core. These systems have existed for eons. But what is more surprising is that there are people who work tirelessly to prop them up and defend them in order to maintain these systems thinking that they benefit from them. The reality of that could not be further from the truth. Such systems don’t benefit anyone – they only abuse. They only cause damage. But why is it that some people who have suffered from these systems insist on others suffering too? Why not just stop these systems and the damage they cause so that no one needs to suffer any longer? Why is this such a foreign concept to so many? Why the insistence on maintaining the abuse? I don’t understand and I never will. Give me the courage to do what I can to change these systems where I can, and to set people free from them where I am able – to see that abuse is not normal or expected. That people can be set free from abuse. You are a God who sets people free. Make me an instrument of that freedom. Amen.

Call to Action: start to live into this in your own life and with those around you. Look and see what holds people in bondage and is abusive and work to end it.

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