Prayer for November 9, 2021

Prayer for November 9, 2021: Please pray with me. God who is congruent, hear our prayer. We live in a world that is upside down far too often. A word that uses the same language we use, but has polar opposite meanings. This makes no sense. A world that tries to convince us that up is down. It can bring us to despair and make us sick with cynicism. The only cure for this is your congruency. Congruency is all about words and actions matching up. What is said is what is meant. Too often even those who claim to be your followers claim one thing but practice the complete opposite of it all which thinking they are consistent. This makes no sense. What you teach your followers is not all that complicated – love your enemies because they are made in God’s image like you, care for the poor, comfort the afflicted, forgive, show mercy, seek justice. You say these and yet there are many who spin them away, excuse them away, explain them away to the point that they present faith as the complete opposite of all of this. Shower us with your congruency and let it flow through us to make us congruent. And in doing so, free us from the bondage of sin that compels us to twist what you are about into the opposite. Amen.

Call to Action: Pay attention to the words that are used and ask your self this question – is what I am hearing the actual meaning of what is being expressed? Is what I am hearing/seeing congruent with what God has been up to all along? Is what I’m hearing/seeing more about someone gaining power over people, or is it about setting people free, ending abuse and exploitation, seeking justice, restoring creation? If it isn’t about those things, then why would I support it?

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