Prayer for October 12, 2020

Prayer for October 12, 2020: Please pray with me. God of the nations, why do we have such a difficult time accepting this title of yours? Why do we want to barricade you into just a small section of our lives? Why do we think we know better than you in how to run the nations? How silly. You are a God who we claim is all knowing, ever present, and ever existing. Yet, we see no irony in declaring limitations on you. In practice we actually believe you are small god who only cares about our personal piety. We shut you off from our money, our politics, our relationships, our work, our entertainment, and more. We allow you to come out of the prison we place you in maybe once a week for an hour, if we feel like it. As we hurtle towards Election Day in the US, we put extra effort into keeping you in that box. In practice we want our salvation to be in the donkey or the elephant. But that is not your way. Our salvation isn’t in the donkey or the elephant, it is in the Lamb. Put away our childish desires to control you, and our idolatry of placing our hope and salvation is the donkey or the elephant. Amen.

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