Prayer for September 14, 2021

Prayer for September 14, 2021: Please pray with me. God of reality, we live in the reality you created. And at the same time, we have our own realities – realities of our beliefs, language, values, and identity. Often these realities are far different than the reality you create. Why do we think we need more than what you offer? I don’t know. Are we interested in control? Probably. Do we desire to know? Again, probably. Do we think we are different? Usually. Regardless of the reasons, draw us to your reality where your reign is unfolding across reality. In your reality, the hungry of all types are fed, the lonely are no longer lonely, peace is the only viable option, violence is put away because it only causes destruction, shalom is what is desired, forgiveness is freely given, mercy and grace are our first instincts, and we can see the image of God easily in others. Amen.

Call to Action: Today is an opportunity to explore. To consider a position on a topic that we disagree with. To consider how someone can come to the conclusion that they are right. The point isn’t to change your mind, but rather to learn. To expand the possibilities and to see the humanity of those that have been opponents or enemies up to now. Why would someone support/oppose this? Move past the simplistic reasons you read from pundits and party operatives. Assume that your opponents want what’s best for everyone. How does it make sense? Struggle with this until you can come up with a decent answer that shows the humanity in your opponents. When we understand (without having to agree or adopt an argument) we grow as people. And we can see other options and answers and we move past the right/wrong dualistic way of thinking.

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