Prayer for September 2, 2021

Prayer for September 2, 2021: Please pray with me. God of proclamation and invitation, you have great news and you invite us in on the news. It’s not just the passing of information, but actual transformation. This is what faith is truly about. What great news it is! You proclaim love for us – an irrational unconditional love that we don’t deserve, yet you offer it anyway. That’s crazy! Thank you. You offer us healing when we are broken. You comfort us when afflicted. You make us whole. You show us the way of peace. Amazing. Who wouldn’t want these things? And then you invite us to share this transformative way with others. Why wouldn’t I? Why wouldn’t I want others to share in this amazingness. You aren’t focused on making sure we have everything right. Instead, you have done it right and invite us in. Thank you.

Call to Action: How has God proclaimed Good News to you in your life? Real transformative Good News? How is God inviting you to invite others into that kind of transformation? Go and do it!

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