Prayer for September 24, 2021

Prayer for September 24, 2021: Please pray with me. God of life, death, and resurrection, we claim a belief in these things, but with hesitation. We are good with the life and resurrection parts – at least we claim we are. Not so much with the death part. Death is scary. Death sucks. But life, death, and resurrection isn’t just a literal physical thing. You call us to follow you through life, into death, and to resurrection. You set us up and empower us to live. We can get in the way of death, which prevents resurrection. But resurrection is solely your department. It is out of our hands and control. Thank God for that. I think our version of resurrection would be so limiting and unimaginative. Give us the courage to answer your call to life, death, and resurrection. To examine our lives, to determine what needs to die in our life, and to be open to what you have in mind in how we are to be resurrected each day. Amen.

Call to Action: Self-examination day. Examine your life. What is good and healthy? What is not? What are you unsure of? What needs to die in your life? Are you scared of that? Why? How open are you to resurrection? Especially not knowing what that will look like. Would you prefer it to be small, or are you willing to let go and let it take shape? This is your invitation to experience life, death, and resurrection today.

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