Prayer for September 4, 2020

Prayer for September 4, 2020: Please pray with me. God who forms us in your image, we need your help. No, correction – we are helpless. We are caught in systems that keep us in bondage. Systems that are unjust and evil. Systems that destroy and kill. Systems that even hurt and destroy those who think they benefit from them. No one benefits from unjust systems – no one. We are all enslaved in such systems. Lord, we pray for an end to racism, sexism, and every ism there is. We pray for the courage to admit that we have a problem. Let it start with that. When there is recognition of a problem, then there can be confession. And after confession, repentance. And after repentance comes transformation. We can’t skip over these things. Recognition allows us to see the weight we are carrying – to stop lying to our selves and others about our problem. Confession is a releasing of the weight we carry around that is hurting us. Repentance points us in a new direction so we don’t go back and pick up the same debilitating weight. And transformation is new life – freed from the past. A direction. A new future. Hope. Lord, make us uncomfortable enough that we can’t keep ignoring the problem. Set us on the path towards transformation. Amen.

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