Two sides to Christmas

Christmas has two sides to it. As a pastor, I get to see both of these sides. There is the obvious joy and excitement. There’s the beauty of the lights and decorations. And there are often family and friends to gather with (most years). There’s nostalgia and traditions that are maintained. Great food. Music (both really good and really bad). And more.

And there’s the other side of Christmas. The pain of loss for so many. It seems as though Christmas is the time of year when we lose more people than the rest of the year. And when people lose a loved one at a major holiday, it makes celebrating that holiday really difficult for years to come. There’s an obvious absence of that person.

I don’t really have point to this blog post beyond pointing out the obvious. As a pastor I see the roller coaster of this joy and loss. Sometimes I have to shift between the two quickly. When I have to do that, I take a breath and remind myself to take notice of where I am and what is going on.

I pray that those who can, are able to experience the fullest joy they possibly can this season.

And I pray that those mourning loss may know the fullest comfort they can this season.

Regardless, my prayers are with you.

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