We aren’t in control

Why does humanity make life so difficult for itself? I just have to laugh at the recent slew of legislation designed to make life more difficult for people. The new laws are about making voting more difficult, making life more dangerous, promoting division, and disregarding nature. Congratulations humanity, we’re officially a bunch of jerks. It’s like we’re ticked off at the world and we want to make everyone miserable. Misery does love company after all.

Why do people resist change so much? Even change that would benefit them. Too often humans end up acting like toddlers – just being against change out of spite. In reality, I don’t buy the idea that people don’t like change. It’s not being in control of the change that people really have a problem with. It’s always about being in control, isn’t it? Here’s the truth – we aren’t in control. We never are. So get over it. Let that lie go. And please don’t just resist change because you aren’t in control of it.

So much of this has to do with humanity believing it is the center of reality. We aren’t. We are small and insignificant in relation to the universe. Also, we aren’t God. We aren’t in control. Believing we are in control is a terrible idea actually. This idea has led to wars and devastation. This addiction to the idea that we are in control is narcissistic and that always bends towards death and destruction in some form. Do we really need to go down these same paths yet again?

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